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Rethinking Home: Climate change in New York and Samoa
The participants of New York and Samoa are sharing blogs about climate change and its cultural impacts. The following is one of these blogs. You can see more on the
Rethinking Home: Climate change in New York and Samoa” facebook page.
The Samoan group met at the U.S. embassy for the video conference to New York during the second day of their workshop.
A surprisingly large number of National University of Samoa students and professors joined the workshop, providing a balance of students and adults similar to that in the New York group.
Here the group is taking turns introducing themselves to the New York participants while Jacki Lacey recorded their side of the conference.” (At US Embassy to Samoa)

Communities in Samoa and New York both face challenges to home and homelands from the increasing severity of climate‐changed weather systems. Between September 2013 and July 2014, a group of Samoans and New Yorkers, with homes in coastal areas impacted by hurricanes, are working together to share and learn from their personal and community experiences of climate change.

The groups are approaching the issue by focusing on houses and the idea of home. In workshops we'll explore how our houses define us; how they either succeed or fail in sheltering us; and might adapt in the future.

Practical sessions in May and June 2014 are centering on the traditional house of Samoa and on rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island. The teams are keeping in touch with each other through discussions in Facebook and on the project’s blog (see link on this page). We will produce material for schools and other online resources. The project will create strong cross-cultural exchanges and strengthen personal resources for dealing with climate change.

For more information please contact Jenny Newell at or Jacklyn Lacey at

Rethinking Home: Climate Change in New York and Samoa is supported by Museum Connect, a grant program of the American Alliance of Museums made possible by the U.S Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The Museums Connect grant program strengthens connections and cultural understanding between people in the United States and abroad through innovative year-long projects facilitated by museums.

Rethinking Home: Climate Change in New York and Samoa

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