The museum establishes the importance of spreading knowledge about Samoa’s material and intangible culture through school curriculum, cultural tourism, and advocacy.

The Museum continues workshops and museum school tours this year. For more information on workshops please contact us.

Capturing the lost
and reviving the spirit of those who are here.

The Museum of Samoa hosted a vocational workshop late last year. Upon reflection, the newest skill brought into light was/is the navigation. The art of navigation is one of the most endangered of Samoan arts.

The special moment for the Museum of Samoa was when a knock was heard, and the team of the Gaualofa crew, led by advocate Natasha Fabricius came to discuss with Lumepa, ( Principal of Museum), a possible venture that could highlight
1. The art of navigation and
2. The possibilities of jobs created for kids on the Gaualofa craft.
The team of Gaualofa is a driven kind of passionate young people who take every opportunity to make loud their noise because they too believe in cultural heritage and the importance in its preservation for our future generations.

The small note is tribute to the young members of the Gaualofa team and the photos will show what they did to contribute to the interest of our young school children towards navigation.

Education Focus

Written by Mainifo Viliamu - Senior Museum Officer

Thirty three Wellington Girls College students and three teachers visited the Museum on the 3rd of July 2012. It was the first time that these students visited the country and a great opportunity for them to visit the Museum, we went through the four rooms and they were so surprised to hear how our people sustained themselves in the past. They were learned from posters inside the Culture room how to make the Siapo and weaving.
APTC mature students class for Certificate 3 in early childhood, lecture as well as these mature students visited the Museum on 7th September 2012; these mature students are part time students at the APTC the Australia government offered them scholarships to further their study. They are currently living in the country and it was their first time in the Museum. It was a great experience for them to identify some of the artifacts here in the Museum and learn more about the Museum of Samoa.

Kid’s workshop
Four workshops had been done in this month, they were brief first about the rules of the Museum then inform them what the Museum is, artifacts inside the Museum then the important of the Museum. They had a small exercise of drawing a simple picture of the Museum and then write two or three sentence about what they learnt about the Museum.

The second one was to continue from the previous lesson had them to tour around the Museum and then they can pick up two to three artifacts, they wrote it and describe it in their own sentence. We had a video lesson from one of our DVD, children learned new word from the movie.

The DVD is from one of our collections from Stephen Percival and it is about Humana right, the DVD is in the Samoan language.

Workshops conducted from 18th September, 19th September and 21st and 22nd September.

Number of students attending September 2012:

18th – 12 students
19th  15 students
21st – 18 students
22nd  19 students
There were several more tours conducted by the staff of the museum between June 2011 and June 2012.
Over one thousand students came to the museum. Some of the schools included, Vaiala Beach School, CCWS, the National University of Samoa, Maluafou College, Anglican Church pre-school, Samoa Primary, Leiififi Intermediate School, Coral Reef Academy, and Lefaga College.
Every Wednesday the museum offers free workshops for children from 2pm till 3pm. These workshops are based on cultural concepts using story-telling, figurines, role play, audio visual resources and so forth. We encourage all schools and organizations to bring the children to these workshops.

Museum of Samoa Photo: Kids Workshops Leififi Intermediate students

Museum of Samoa Photos: Kids Workshops Farron - staff member teaching
There is open access to the schools on weekdays. So far several schools have made a special visit to the museum but there is a plan to take the museum to the schools that are far away and find it hard to travel to us. When the time comes, they too, can visit the museum.

Museum of Samoa Photos:
Kids Workshops, ACEO Culture, Ali'imuamua So'onaalofa Sina Malietoa

Museum of Samoa Photos: Kids Workshops

Museum of Samoa Photos: Mainifo, Senior Museum Officer