The museum alerts people to issues relating to Samoa’s cultural heritage such as monuments in peril, fading skills of sailing, handicrafts, afa netting etc


Just over a century ago, European Colonial powers had arrived in Samoa which led to the Samoan islands being divided through the 1899 Tripartite Treat. This resulted in the Western islands of Samoa becoming a German Colony, while the Eastern islands became a territory of the United States of America. The German Administration was in Samoa for 14 years, followed by New Zealand in 1920. Samoa was the first Pacific country to gain Independence in 1962. The following buildings are heritage sites from which mark some of the these early European colonial presence in Samoa. This room pays tribute to the Samoan people’s journey in these colonial years. “These scars we bear today make us who we are today.” 

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Historic Moto'otua Hospital

Falemata'aga - Museum of Samoa

Chan Mow Building

Red Cross Building Moto'otua