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1. Afa Samoa/Samoa Sennit

The exhibition project was managed by Mr. Galumalemana Steven Percival of Tiapapata Art Centre in collaboration with the Government of Samoa through the Museum of Samoa and support fund from the Embassy of the United States of America.

The exhibition is a collection of photographs and a documentary film that demonstrates the traditional making of ‘Afa Samoa. The project aims to preserve knowledge of the making and use of sennit, an important cultural product of the people of Samoa.  

2. Samoa Teachers Cultural Dance Group 2018

One of the museum research exhibitions conducted in 2018, it was dedicated to the teachers whom represented Samoa in many overseas countries since its establishment in 1972 until now. The group was originally organized by a school inspector, Aiono Keneti Sataraka and was considered the outstanding cultural group dance then and until now.

Over the years, the majority of teachers dance performances depict true essence of the Samoan way of living through selection of songs and dances in making traditional food, traditional fabrication of the Ie’ Samoa/Ietoga (fine mate) and siapo which are called Measina Samoa (treasures) enlightening  its living culture and heritage.

The exhibition showcases a collection of images, photographs and newspaper articles to portray the significance of the Teacher Group Dance represents and how it contributes to the safeguarding and embracing traditional Siva Samoa.

3. Dorothea Heimrod & Samoa 1903

Dorothea came to Samoa early 1900 with her father George, who served as the American Consul for Samoa during German time. She brought with her one of those small new cameras made by Kodak and took candid photos from her new environment, its people with their cultural handcraft and building, landscapes and buildings. All from the time of 1900 to 1905, the collection of photo is are unfolding and composing the beauty of the Samoan Island.

The collection of photos by the lovely Dorothea was presented by the Chile Consul in Samoa on behalf of the Niggemann family from Bochum German together with its official launch in March 2019.

George Heimrod & daugther Dorothea Heimrod (Apia 1903)
4. Joseph Churchward

The Museum of Samoa and the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa joined hands for the first time to share an exhibition, featuring a Samoan born New Zealand artist, Joseph Churchward, who passed away in May 2013.

The exhibition pays tribute to his remarkable contribution to the arts lettering and design. A legend and a pioneer in the world of typography, he has dedicated his life to his craft – perfecting it, and in turn, gaining worldwide recognition as a true master.

He has created 604 original typefaces, which is reputed to be more than any other individual in the world – each taking between 150-300 hours to complete and each done by hand.
Churchward dedicated his life to letters. ‘Hand-lettering is superior,’ his business cards proclaimed, a reflection of his belief that the subtlety of a curve could only be captured by hand.

(Joseph Churchward) Photo by - Louis Hatton and Grant Fell
5. Entangled Islands/O Atumotu Ua Satia

The exhibition ‘Entangled Islands’ was brought together by the Auckland War Memorial Museum with the help of many Samoan families from both Auckland and Samoa, who contributed photographs and other items from a period in our mutual history that is not often discussed.

It was a first centennial exhibition about an event; the invasion was relatively short and largely non-violent one. It is about the meaning of the war, what it has meant to different peoples’ lives, and what meant for us. It is about a shared history and it shares languages and spaces.

Recognizing the importance of shared history, the Exhibition was gifted to the Museum of Samoa as its new home in 2015.